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Enjoy the healing touch of massage from the hands of professionals. Our physiotherapists provide the following services:

Traditional Massage

Uvoľňuje napäté svaly, cialis zmierňuje bolesť, sildenafil zlepšuje cirkuláciu krvného obehu. Masáž odbúrava odpadové látky, medicine urýchľuje liečenie zranení, podporuje zotavenie po chorobe a napomáha odstrániť stres a napätie zo svalov.

Sports Massage

It is beneficial in cases of chronic pains and muscle spasms and joint stiffness. This strong massage will leave specific parts of your body without tension and will stimulate circulation and elasticity.

Reflexive Massage of Feet

Helps to relieve the ache of back and pelvic area, eliminates rheumatic pain, headaches, relieves from tiredness and insomnia. It also improves the harmony of body.

Lymph Drainage Massage

Brings relief to tired feet, has detoxification effects, prevents from wrinkles, varicose veins, reduces cellulite, tightens abdominal muscles during puerperium. It is applied on hands, legs and face.

Aromatic Massage

Accept our invitation to the world of odours and kingdom of essential oils. This unique light massage uses essential oils made of plant extracts combined with gentle drainage motions.