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Cosy dance school managed by Mirka Kosorínová in RETRO Sport and Wellness offers its visitors professional lessons of latin-american and standard dance, seek as well as many other dancing styles for all age groups. Dancing trainings serve as a preparation for weddings, discount proms nights, ambulance ceremonies and other social events, whether individually or collectively. Dancing lessons are, besides learning how to dance, a good opportunity to learn about the rules of appropriate attire and demeanour.

In a pleasant environment of the dancing school, you will forget about common daily routine and problems, escape from work. Moreover, this is a good way how to get to know new people or find a potential mate. You will definitely spend time in a good company.

If you don´t have a dancing partner, it is not a problem. Mirka Korosínová and her team will take care of you.

Dancing school also offers dance preparation for children from 4 years of age and ballroom dancing for children from 7 years of age. Professional dancers will spread their experience from world competitions to new promising dancers.

Dancing School Offers

  • Ballroom dancing for adults
  • Ballroom dancing for youth
  • Ballroom dancing for children from 7 years of age
  • Dancing preparation for children from 4 years of age
  • Baby dance
  • Folklore dancing
  • Individual lessons
  • Gem gymnastics
  • Dance Bodyforming
  • Fleshdance
  • Salsa
  • Traditional dance (BALLET DANCING) for children
  • Traditional dance (BALLET DANCING) for adults
  • Hip hop for children
  • Motion (sport) preparation for children
  • Drama workshop for kids
  • Dance exhibitions

New courses are open on regular basis according to demand!!!

To enrol you can call 0902 18 44 10 or at

If you don´t have a dancing partner, it is not a problem. Mirka Korosínová and her team will take care of you.

Group Lessons also for Singles


This is a kind of dance where attendants will learn dance choreography in funny way and loose atmosphere.
Fleshdance is a new combination of dance and aerobics, and it is a great alternative of body-styling (female dancers belong to women with most beautifully shaped legs, buttocks and body). Women does not have to struggle in gym anymore or aerobics. If they like dancing and also wand to do something for their body and mind, fleshdance is a great way to extraordinary results. Another advantage is that there is no need for a partner when dancing fleshdance (unlike traditional dance lessons; it is convenient for singles). Dancing is accompanied by nice music and good atmosphere. It is supervised by dance specialists and professionals.

Young women and men aged from 16 to 40 with active lifestyle and courage to try something new and like motion and music.

Jazz Gymnastics

This type of gymnastics with music is a very impressive way of active relaxation and a good form of motional recreation. It significantly contributes to the development of physical power and reproduction of vital energy.

Dance Bodyforming

Is a kind of dancing exercise ideal for body shaping. You will thoroughly exercise your body, gain stamina, strengthen your muscles and shape problematic body parts. /belly and sitting muscles, shoulders, legs, … /. It is conducted with music and good mood by a professional dancer. Lessons are convenient for beginners and intermediate trainees.


Salsa is a very energetic, temperament, cool and sensual dance designed for beginners and intermediates, both men and women, who want to dance, forget about problems, relax and boost energy.

Don´t hesitate and order individual lessons in order to be prepared for wedding or other social occasion! We can prepare for you a tailored-made choreography!

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  • Aneta
  • Vlado
  • Fonzo
  • Lucia
  • Broňa
  • Barbie
  • Reka
  • Amanda


Dance and Fun membership 599 EUR

(Basic 499 + 100 EUR)

  • 10 weeks course of formal dancing for adults for 1 person in the dancing school managed by Mirka Kosorínová called “May I?”
  • Free entry to fitness centre,
  • One free training with private trainer and diagnostics,
  • Free ticket to Collagen Therapy,
  • Free parking,
  • If the client is a parent, free babysitting is ensured in Retrokids children´s play centre during the time of visit,
  • 10% discount on massages, entry to wellness, squash and badminton,
  • 20% discount on goods at Bratislava marathon running store – sport store,
  • Other benefits at the partners of the club – discounts at Wine & Tapas in RETRE, Golfplac, Tip top Autoclean, etc. .

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