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Body Work

Body Work is a specific kind of aerobic exercise that has a positive effect on cardio-vascular system and body musculoskeletal system. It is ideal for body shaping. This exercise is ideal not only for losing weight  and gaining stamina, mind but also for thorough body exercise, story muscles strengthening and shaping of problematic body parts (back, belly muscles, sitting muscles, shoulders, legs and more). When exercising Body Work, the own body weight is utilised and different tools may be used, such as dumbbells, fit balls and bands. The main advantage of exercise with light weight is an overall exercise of all muscles, accompanied by increased supply of oxygen from lungs into heart and muscles. By intense and continuous exercise with correct pace, we can favourably influence our body metabolism, which dissolves body fat storages and thus helps to shape the body. This type of exercise is recommended for all age groups.


Kristína Vaníkova, Lucia Poláková


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