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Atanjali Sanskrit Yoga

The eight yoga exercises provides psychic and physical cleansing, click spiritual recovery and brings tranquillity of both mind and body. Yoga exercising relieves body and helps to face stress and anxiety. It successfully helps to treat different types of deceases such as diabetes, health obesity, view stomach problems and pain in abdomen, neck spine and head. It also helps to fight against headache, cold, asthma, back pain and helps to cope with mental burden, sleep disorder and more. Exercises are conducted by Shaweta Sharma – yoga teacher from India – at different levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Long-term yoga exercise will help you to live a healthier, sound and longer life.

Patanjali Sanskrit Yoga (for all age groups, standard exercises):

  • Mantra Yoga – changes of mantras
  • Pranayam Yoga – breathing (breathing exercises)
  • Asthang Yoga – eight yoga exercises (easy exercises)
  • Smadhi Yoga & Shav Asana – meditation and relaxation




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